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La Paloma Prisoner awarded Arthur J. Harris Memorial Prize

Still from La Paloma Prisoner at The Signature Theatre

Photo credit: Bobby Plasencia

Almazan’s La Paloma Prisoner was awarded the Arthur J. Harris Memorial Prize in social justice  through Columbia University. Raquel will partner with STEPS to End Family Violence that will include programming with formerly incarcerated women, conferences, prison facilities and other organizations to create exchange towards ending mass incarceration.

La Paloma Prisoner (Impacted women series)

LPP – IWS – combines women who have experienced the criminal justice system alongside performers to engage with audiences with the themes of mass incarceration. April 3rd 2016 performance took place at Wild Project and on June 1st 2017 excerpts of the play were performed at Greenhope Services for Women as well Queensboro Correctional Facility in New York City; in collaboration with impacted women. Co – produced with Mightee Shero Productions. These unique readings were directed by Laura Gomez (who is a recurring actress on Orange is the New Black)

“This year, 2015, the Arthur J. Harris Memorial Prize will go to Raquel Almazan to produce her play La Paloma Prisoner, ‘. . . a lyrical bi-lingual play’ that tackles issues of mass incarceration. This work dramatically embodies the goals of the prize to address very pertinent social issues and in this case, does so in a uniquely innovative form.” Carol Becker – Dean of Arts


More about the La Paloma Prisoner Project (pics and updates) – HERE


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