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The River’s Edge

river 3RE-10

Crystal Lee as Olokun, Marcel Spears as Heavy Rock and  Angelica Gregory as Flying Fish.


THE RIVER’S EDGE (one-act, full length in progress) Workshop production at Columbia Stages for one act version directed by Juan Pablo Felix.

A pair of twins, brother (Heavy Rock) and sister (Flying Fish) shift in time between their childhoods playing alongside The Artibonite River and the 1937 Parsley Massacre on the Dominican/Haitian border. Flying Fish calls on Olokun, the Goddess of the Sea to save her wounded brother.

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FLYING FISH – No we’ll cross back home. Haiti. Our original home.

HEAVY ROCK- Guns, machetes, clubs and knives. Will there be any of us left?

FLYING FISH – Manman and Pe, we left them hanging on the fence. What kind of children are we?

HEAVY ROCK – Don’t go back for them. Their eyes are still watching us, guiding us.

FLYING FISH – Our eyes watched from the trail of our homes as they were sliced down the throats. Manman shook and held onto her apron, Pe dropped to his knees, plowing stick in hand. We ran, and ran, the wind lifting us up.

One act version 3 to 5 characters

8 to 12 characters full length