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Workshops for Groups/Ensembles

raquel butoh  Almazan – Butoh Dance performance with Vangeline Theatre

Physical/ritual workshops: The ritualistic exercises are devised/ inspired from Grotowski, Dance Theatre, improvisation and Japanese Butoh dance practice, using this training to build ensembles, solo performances and group development workshops. Residencies would consist of physical entry points in working with space: cleansing to create sacred work place, intro to space dynamics with body and materials. Connecting the body with earth elements, the spirit in performance and group rituals. The participants gain new ways of recognizing the performer’s instrument through partner and group exercises through breathing, visualization, and physical rigor. Energetic exchange with the body and voice to create lasting exercises that can be used during rehearsals, performances and trainings. This work creates collaboration with the community, including forming personal rituals from cultural background and sharing. And ultimately creating a holistic practice that both challenges and promotes healing for participants at any level of experience.

Personal storytelling and ritual is the training for creative process, from stillness of meditation to the chaos of free movement, mythology, archetypes, imagination, and creative expression are all explored. This practice builds a daily methodology for the artist for long term practice as a working professional.


Improvisational Participation within Team Building:

This workshop is designed to help managers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs improve communication and teambuilding skills through improvisation exercises. Almazan has assisted Nathalie Molina Nino and Elise Hernandez with Zen of Storytelling: a Broadway intensive for women entrepreneurs whose goal was to create the most compelling and effective way to sell your ideas, your business and/or yourself to an audience, which is to connect on a deeply human level through storytelling that moves people to take action.