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2017- May 23 @ 7pm – HI-Arts La Paloma Prisoner Staged Reading Series

Photo credit: Bobby Plasencia



Raquel Almazan’s La Paloma Prisoner is participating in Hi-ARTS’ Critical Breaks Residency with a FREE staged reading on May 23. To RSVP, visit . Panel Discussion Unlocking Female Incarceration: A Panel Discussion Part III to follow directly after the reading.

DATE: May 23 @ 7pm  LOCATION: Hi- ARTS 215 E 99th St, New York, NY 10029

La Paloma Prisoner is a multidisciplinary play about the reclamation of identity by incarcerated women in the Colombian prison system. This new play centers on an incarcerated killer nicknamed “La Paloma” who transcendentally soars beyond physical and societal barriers to avenge the raped women of Bogota, leading the public to believe La Paloma may have magical avenger abilities. Based on the true story of a group of female inmates selected every year as beauty queen contestants at the Buen Pastor prison in Bogota, this new play interweaves the ritualistic journey of a “parade of prisoners” with Colombia’s social, political, and spiritual history. Claiming of this newfound power, the women redefine beauty, their own humanity, and their identity as criminals. La Paloma Prisoner revolutionizes not only the women’s lives, but prison society and the world beyond its walls.

About Hi-ARTS

Hi-ARTS is a leading institution within the urban arts movement — developing and producing new works of performance and visual art, providing a platform for artists, and creating educational and community programs that connect and expand the audiences for urban arts.



“My major inspiration for La Paloma comes from my experience as an arts facilitator to incarcerated women at two maximum security prisons in South Florida. This play fuses years of activism in the field and continued work with incarcerated youth at Rikers Island prison in New York as well as the Chelsea detention center for women with Dream a Dream Project. Attendance in Bogota, Colombia at the Buen Pastor Prison for the Annual Celebration and Beauty Pageant. This piece is an offering to make visible the potential for ending mass incarceration.” – Raquel Almazan

Directed by Estefania Fadul

CAST: (alphabetical order)

Raquel Almazan, Christin Eve Cato, Gilbert Cruz, Vaneik Echeverria, Elise Hernandez, Mariana Newhard, Gladys Perez, Adriana Sananes and Monica Steuer


12901501_1180762448630943_5383132535921894728_o Poetic License Festival

La Paloma Prisoner (Impacted women series) combines women who have experienced the criminal justice system alongside performers to engage with audiences with the themes of mass incarceration. Panel discussion on Stopping Mass Incarceration to follow directly after the reading.

Funded by the Arthur J. Harris Social Justice Art Grant in association with Columbia University will bring La Paloma Prisoner Reading Series to Female Correctional Facilities in NYC Spring 2017. Co-produced with Mightee Shero Productions.

On April 3, 2016 at Wild Project NYC the first installment of the reading series was staged.



La Paloma Prisoner (Colombia) is part of the LATIN IS AMERICA play cycle. This bi-lingual cycle of plays will ultimately have 33 parts, one for each of the countries and dependencies in Latin American.





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