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CAFÉ monologue published in “The Best Women’s Stage Monologues 2015”

Monologue from Raquel Almazan’s play CAFÉ is part of a collection of work titled, “The Best Women’s Stage Monologues 2015”. Selection from play: Luisa, a Guatemalan coffee farmer, is broken but still resilient. Abandoned by her husband after their new born daughter suddenly dies, she speaks out the window to him after he may have mysteriously left flowers at her sill.

LUISA- MMMMMAL PARRR- IDDDOO! Sin verguenza! Desgraciado! Won’t call you by your name. Don’t deserve my lips to speak it. You can’t float in two places at once. Can’t be dead and living all at the same time. Pick one. Dead, bueno, be dead and never come back. Leave me with our child. The living one and the dead one…

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More about CAFÉ – HERE

“When I was a young actor and looking for pieces to perform and audition with, I rarely found material that represented me, resonated with me, and spoke to the issues of my culture and community. I am honored that this monologue from CAFÉ can provide Latinas a strong option for performance for visibility and advocacy of our culture with the landscape of the American theatre and beyond”. Raquel Almazan 2015

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