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Performer Photo Credits: Brent Welch, Greg Johnson, Andrew Noble
Jen Lehr, Meredith Zealy, Natasha Tsakos and Violet Tcherkin

UR-FAUST – A Lunatic Mythical Opera For The Millennium (full length) was first produced at the New World Conservatory and then toured to Hyterio Theatre in Athens, Greece. Directed by Jorge Guerra. Choreographed by Ocatvio Campos. Raquel served with dramaturgy and performed as Margaret.

An impressionistic approach to the legend of Faust, taking episodes from Goethe: a middle aged successful professor comes to a point in his life where nothing satisfies him. In despair he conjures the dark spirits that initiates a series of adventures in his attempt to conquer society. Using a variety of mixed media and movement this multi-layered theatre piece examines the breakdown of the Y2K syndrome as we look into “UR” meaning primitive- drive of Faust in all of us.

Ensemble cast

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