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Let’s Eat- excerpts from raquel almazan on Vimeo.

Raquel Almazan Writer
Christopher Murrah Director
Elaine Carberry Dramturgy
Peter Romao as the PIg
Matthew Minnicino as the Chicken
Angela Sperazza as the Cow

LET’S EAT! One act- produced at Columbia Stages.

A cow, pig and chicken detail their slaughter as factory workers through the use of puppets and masks become the animals they slaughter, giving voice and agency to the animal in the theatrical space. Expanding into a full length where audience members would interact throughout a slaughterhouse assembly line as factory supervisors.

PIG- Pigs smashed to death, bound. I live a fraction of my lifetime. Dead meat walking —look I’m talking – talking to you factory worker – talking to you – eater of animals.

(Factor worker 2 lifts the chicken puppet, becoming the animal.)

CHICKEN -Did you ever hear the one about the chicken—

FACTORY WORKER 3- I carry dead carcass on my back, the meat and bones – I walk with this weight because I have to, its my job, my livelihood, the blood soaks through my white work coat and it soaks into my blood, becomes part of me, is it me?

CHICKEN- Laser debeaking sucks!

PIG- I’m still alive. Let me tell them my story before I literally kick the bucket.

3 performers, 3 puppets/masks- costume pieces

Ensemble version in process

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