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She Wolves – Virgin Stripper – Bowery Poetry Club


THE VIRGIN STRIPPER – EXCERPT MONOLOGUE FROM SHE WOLVES: WOMEN IN SEX, DEATH AND REBIRTH (solo play and ensemble version) Written and Performed by Raquel Almazan

Is a multimedia performance piece, which challenges traditional concepts of womanhood by exploring the often-disturbing social realities women around the world have faced throughout history. From a wise, mythical wolf-woman and an 18th Century girl on the verge of marriage… and starvation, to a celebrity reporter analyzing the hidden symbolisms of Julia Roberts’ “Pretty Woman” and a virgin stripper who shouts back at catcalling men, SHE WOLVES features a pack of female characters as varied and contradictory as women themselves. Is there a hidden link between them? Blending text, movement, music and video art, writer/performer Raquel Almazán weaves a surreal narrative, which offers a humorous, extreme and finally, moving take on the untamed side women are so rarely allowed to unleash.

The Virgin Stripper takes back the power dynamics when women are assaulted on the street.

The piece was most recently performed:

Virgin Stripper excerpt: #metoo #HealMeToo Festival, IRT NYC (2019)

Virgin Stripper excerpt: #metoo National Action Network Convention (2018) perfromed by Christin Eve Cato at  #ME TOO Theatre Women Share Their Stories @ The National Action Network 2018. Excerpt of performance Instagram link: HERE 

Virgin Stripper excerpt: #metoo The Gray Area: An interpretation (2018)




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