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P*** the Planet: De- Sensitization of a Nation media + reel


Almazan as Sensora

Still images from 1st version of PORNING THE PLANET: The Desensitization of a Nation – 1st installment of a sextrilogy. Butoh dance meets narrative text – A multi-media solo

More about the show- HERE

As NASA chooses her for the making of the film Porning the Planet, Sensora attempts to answer multiple personality disorder through the building of a porn persona. On her way to meet Hugh Hiefner, our savior Sensora’s journey follows her from glam porn star to snuff assassinated President; to finally as a refugee in outer space, launching into the galaxy. Sensora’s metamorphosis challenges our notion of how pornography has altered our method of communicating and connecting with each other and ourselves. All multi-media in the show reflect images we download from her mind. Her provocative memories, her violent fantasies and her daily rituals are witnessed and downloaded for mass absorption into the collective consciousness.

Reel edited by Fermin Gonzalez
Raquel Almazan – Writer/Performer/Director
Penny Arcade – Development
Vangeline – Choreography
Sandra Powers – Multi-media
Sindy Butz- Costume/ Installation
Brittany Andrews – Consultant- Muse- Video Performer
Adam Mansell- Sound Design

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