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Raquel Almazan 2017-16 Performance- Tour Dates

Still image from La Paloma Prisoner- photo credit Bobby Plasencia


January 25th – February 11th – T. Schreiber’s 4th Annual 10-Minute Short Play Festival. Almazan directs The First Bridge by By Jim Gordon, performed by Maeve Yore and Thomas Conroy.


February 20th – Lone Star Theatre Company and La Lucha Arts present a FREE staged reading of Raquel Almazan’s LA NEGRA directed by Fernando Parra Borti. As the Day of the Dead approaches, Drug Cartel Queen La Negra takes a ritualistic journey from child prostitute to patron saint of Mexico: La Santa Muerte. At Jack Demsey’s @ 7pm. 36 West 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001. MORE INFO: HERE


March 27th – Raquel’s short play La Migra Taco Truck produced by Samaritan Road Productions, selection for Gun Plays Theatre Series @ The Station Theatre, IL.


APRIL 7th – Directing Yasmine Van Wilt at The United Nations – Collaborating with singer/songwriter YVW on a new short musical to address Global Depression for World Health Day at the United Nations.


MAY 7th @ 2PM- Legislative Theatre with Theatre of the Oppressed NYC. Almazan continues to work with ACQC troupe jokering “Sueno Ameircano, The Price of being an immigrant”.


MAY 12-14th – Short play El Buscon about the Dominican Republic’s connection to baseball (directed by Eddie Torres) written for The 7th Inning Stretch Festival at Mile Square Theatre. MST’s signature showcase of 7 10-minute plays about America’s favorite pastime.


May 23rd @ 7pm – FREE staged reading development for La Paloma Prisoner with the Hi-ARTS Critical Breaks Residency. 215 East 99th Street, New York, NY 10029. Directed by Estefania Fadul.

More about Paloma Prisoner: HERE


May 25th –  Union College Almazan performs excerpts of Latin is America – a lecture performance from her Latin is America play cycle. Presentation/performance at BMCC during Women’s Her Story Month also took place March 2017 in NYC. More LIA info HERE


June 1st – La Paloma Prisoner Project – (The Impacted Women Series) funded by the Arthur J. Harris Award – Columbia University, combines women who have experienced the criminal justice system alongside performers to engage with audiences with the themes of mass incarceration. Excerpts of the play were performed at Greenhope Services for Women as well Queensboro Correctional Facility in New York City; in collaboration with impacted women. Co – produced with Mightee Shero Productions. These unique readings were be directed by Laura Gomez (recurring on Orange is the New Black)Co – produced with Mightee Shero Productions.


JUNE 5th– Almazan speaks at Connecting the Dots: Intimate Partner Violence Prevention, Healing, and Advocacy Conference as a  panelist for the Mayors office (Department to Combat Domestic Violence) where she performed excerpts from La Paloma Prisoner and spoke to the process of working with survivors of domestic violence and being a survivor herself. In collaboration with Gibney Dance, Raquel also facilitated a break out session on the use of theatre, collage to create transformative solutions to domestic violence.


July 10th – Coming up next is a workshop reading of Raquel’s play CAFE with the Sol Project @Primary Stages. THE SOL PROJECT: A NEW THEATER INITIATIVE Raising the Visibility of Latinx Playwrights in the American Theater. The Sol Project will utilize a synergistic network of off-Broadway companies and regional theaters to produce works by a cohort of 12 emerging and established writers. More about:  SOL PROJECT- HERE



For information on attending Almazan’s performances and residency activities- CONTACT HERE.




June 6-10th  – Core Apprenticeship with the Playwrights Center, Minneapolis, workshop of the play CAFE.

Sept 20- 23rd – Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. Almazan will perform monologue excerpts from selected plays, “La Paloma Prisoner”, “La Negra” and “CAFÉ” from her play cycle Latin is America. Conducted performance workshops with students/faculty and dialogue about the themes of her work. More LIA info HERE

Oct. 14th –  NYC Dixon Place – “Porning the Planet: The De-sensitization of a Nation. Solo show and post show panel talk back addressing the pornography of the presidential race. More PP info HERE


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