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Raquel Almazan 2018 Dates Performance + Awards + Newsletter

La Paloma Prisoner- photo credit Bobby Plasencia



FEB. 14TH – With Poetic Theatre Productions, commissioned to write a new poem, “This is for Sacred Pussy” for the event Love, Redefined: Reclaim, an adaption of Angela Davis piece For Every Woman.

MARCH 25th– Almazan was commissioned to write a new play, “Between You, Me and Us” with Lone Star Theatre Company for New York Madness. Playwrights responded to the theme of Borders, the current immigration crisis.

APRIL 8TH & 9th – Commissioned to write a new short play, “When I came Home”, by Harlem9 for the 48hours in the Bronx Festival @ Pregones & off Broadway at PRTT Theatres. Volume publishing of short plays to follow.

APRIL 18TH –  @ 4:30 pm.  #MeToo Theatre Women, National Action Network’s 2018 Convention. Almazan performs an updated version of her piece “The Virgin Stripper” at the NAN Conference #METOO: FROM TESTIMONY TO PREVENTION.  Location: The Times Square Sheraton in New York City. Registration is free. Sign up today to be a part of the nation’s largest civil rights convention.

APRIL 21ST – @ 3pm. La Mama Experimental Theatre Club presents Days of Remembrance. Almazan performs excerpts from her play Dar a Luz in part of a series of events addressing the immigration crisis. NYC DOR Committee organizes events and activities with the purpose of promoting educational and healing efforts related to the U.S. incarceration of Japanese Americans and others and protecting civil liberties.

APRIL 22ND – @ 12- 1:30pm. With Pen America. Almazan performs the writing of incarcerated writers, @DixonPlace for “Breakout: Voices From the Inside,” a reading of award-winning writing from the PEN Prison Writing program archives.

APRIL 28th– @ 10 am. Harvard University Dance Center. Co- facilitating this workshop with Ana Candida Carneiro, which intersects Butoh dance and writing; addressing the themes of transcultural dialogue. REGISTER HERE

May 2nd – Almazan performs her piece HERE to be SEEN, Judson Arts with Poetic Theatre Productions.

June 26th– Keynote Speaker: Pan American High School Graduation, Bronx, NYC.

July 27th – Panelist for the Discussion: Writers on the Storm, at the Dramatists Guild National Conference.

Aug 1st – Poetic Theatre Productions at Judson Arts. Almazan performs TO THOSE WITH EARS AND CONSCIOUS, dramaturgy by Almazan and Lauren Whitehead, letters provided by  Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund.

Sept 22- 25th – Invited Participant- Contributor: ArtChangeUS REMAP: Twin Cities will culminate in a forum, on equitable, sustainable arts-driven change, featuring a roundtable and small group conversations based on ArtChangeUS Cultural Community Benefits. This roundtable will feature organizers, artists and grant makers from the Twin Cities and around the US. Participants include artists, organizers, educators, change makers, led by stellar artists who are innovating methodologies at the nexus of art making and social change.


Oct. 7th -12th – Women’s Playwrights International Conference – Chile, Santiago. Conducted a workshop on the integration of Butoh Dance and playwriting within the themes of territory and migration. This workshops looks to create a collective work through sound and movement, and then extrapolate that experience into the creation of a theatrical text. Based on Butoh Dance techniques; providing an holistic relationship with the body, that leads to breaking down boundaries in the theatrical space. Attendants used concepts such as an imaginary map, traveling and migration, as a return to ancestry through a guided meditation that leads to autobiographical writing prompts (songs, recipes, memories, cultural rituals).


Oct 18th @8pm – Vangeline Theater / New York Butoh Institute presents New York Butoh Institute Festival. Almazan presents excerpts from Porning the Planet, text and Butoh dance.


Nov. 30- Dec. 1st – Minneapolis, Pange World Theatre. Funded by the Jermone Foundation, new play commission for the development of EL ODIO DE UN PAIS – The Hate of a Country (Costa Rica). Works in progress staged reading. Part of Almazan’s Latin is America play cycle.

Rape culture becomes personal Costa Rican mythology: A missing arm in the sugar cane fields, a mother and daughter climb the mango tree of dangerous memories in the jungle, imprisoned men swear their innocence to El Crimen de Colima. An autobiographical and biographical series of one –acts that explore histories of Costa Rica from the perspective of family lineage.

Friday Nov. 30th and Sat Dec. 1st @ 7:30pm.


Dec 10th –   DOES THAT FEEL GOOD TO YOU, MY LARK?: A Doll’s House Adaptation. A works in progress reading @ The Bushwick Starr – 8pm. Free admission.

We travel through the inner workings of Laura Keiler (the “skylark”)’s mind during her forced institutionalization in an asylum as she reshapes the narrative of that infamous play that contributed towards the “woman’s revolution”. The worlds between parallel fact vs fiction diverge, as multiple endings collide in search of who really built A Doll’s House.



La Lucha arts reflects on social justice works for 2017 and continuing action into the new year.

La Paloma Prisoner wins the LGBTQ Arch and Bruce Foundation Playwriting Award. 2nd place prize. MORE HERE

The Huffington Post article: Raquel Almazan On Art, Struggle and Transformative Action. Read the article HERE

Contributor to the May/June 2017 Dramatists Magazine, for it’s issue on Retreats and Residencies, featuring the process of La Paloma Prisoner. Read the article HERE


 For information on attending Almazan’s performances and residency activities- CONTACT HERE.

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