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La Paloma Prisoner World Premiere @ New York Theatre Workshop -upcoming

La Paloma Prisoner soars at New York Theatre Workshop in the Next Door Series. (Original dates were postponed due to Covid, future dates TBA) PRIOR TICKET PAGE HERE     OFFICIAL RELEASE HERE- Broadway World

Written by Raquel Almazán
Directed by Estefanía Fadul
Produced by Estefanía Fadul (La Paloma Prisoner Project) in association with Raquel Almazán’s La Lucha Arts.
A New Georges supported production

About the La Paloma Prisoner Project:

La Paloma Prisoner is a theatre project by Raquel Almaƶán about the reclamation of identity by incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women in the prison system. Developed from her longstanding work with incarcerated and impacted communities, the play will have its world premiere at Next Door @ New York Theatre Workshop alongside a series of initiatives aimed at raising awareness and inciting action towards the end of global mass incarceration. The project includes programs designed to uplift the voices and narratives of current and formerly incarcerated women-identified folx of color through workshops in prisons, conversation circles, advocacy and panel discussions leading up to the production’s scheduled run at NYTW.

About the play:

La Paloma Prisoner is a multi-disciplinary play about the reclamation of identity by incarcerated women in the Colombian prison system. This new play centers on an infamous woman nicknamed “La Paloma” who transcendentally soars beyond physical and societal barriers to avenge the raped women of Bogota, leading the public to believe La Paloma may have magical avenger abilities. Based on the true story of incarcerated women  selected every year as beauty queen contestants at the Buen Pastor prison in Bogota, this new play interweaves the ritualistic journey of a “parade of prisoners” with Colombia’s social, political, and spiritual history. Claiming of this newfound power, the women redefine beauty, their own humanity, and their identity as labeled criminals. La Paloma Prisoner revolutionizes not only the women’s lives, but prison society and the world beyond its walls.

La Paloma Prisoner Project on the Kilroys List honoring canceled or postponed productions due to the COVID-19 pandemic written by woman, trans, and gender non-binary writers. Incredible company to be in, our work will live on!

Kilroys site:

American Theatre Magazine Article:

History of the play: HERE


“La Lucha Arts will continue to stage uncompromised Latinx stories. To my female ancestors, thank you for giving me the strength to fight a decade long battle to stage this play”. – Raquel Almazan


Winter/Spring 2020

January 2020 – Almazan facilities a theatre workshop at (Rikers Island) with clients of Steps to End Family Violence serving incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women.

TBA 2020, World Premiere of La Paloma Prisoner at New York Theatre Workshop Next Door Series. directed by Estefania Fadul.

TBA 2020– Women and Incarceration Literary Event. Diverse panel and excerpt readings of books by female writers addressing female incarceration from a variety of perspectives. Including Dr. Baz Dreisinger (Author of Incarcerated Nations: A Journey to Justice in Prisons Around the World and Executive Director of the Incarcerated Nations Network).

TBA – Talk backs, story circles and other workshops and events with our community partners during the run of the show at New York Theatre Workshop.

Fall 2019

Sept. 14th, 2019–  La Paloma Kickoff event held at The People’s Forum, was the launch of a series of events geared toward amplifying & celebrating the community of activists and artists who are actively raising awareness and inciting action toward de-carceration. The Kickoff featured performances, including live music, an excerpt reading of the play, and a panel highlight key organizations within the movement.

Oct. 18- 20th, 2019 –  Almazan collaborates with impacted advocates, artists and change-makers creating an original piece addressing civic participation towards de-carceration. With Theater of Change Forum with Broadway Advocacy Coalition, Columbia University School of Law and The Center for Institutional and Social Change.)

Nov. 2nd, 2019– Almazan collaborates with Pen America in a series of interviews, featuring Pen America poetry by incarcerated women at Paloma Prisoner events and as a guest at the Writing for Justice Fellows cohort gathering.)

Nov. 13th2019- La Paloma Prisoner Project: Women, Trauma & De-carceration at Kingsborough Community College. Collaboration with Dr. Vanda Seward. Featuring panelist Donna Hylton (Center for Health, Equity and Justice).

Nov. 20th2019– Poetic Theatre Productions Poetic Theater Productions, Judson Arts Wednesdays, and The La Paloma Prisoner Project in association with La Lucha Arts presents:

Ascención: Celebrating the Movement Toward Liberation – directed by Estefania Fadul. @ Judson Memorial Church

Join us for an evening highlighting the work of women artists of color devoted to advocating for and developing work around de-carceration, liberation, and reclamation. With a particular focus on those who have been targeted or imprisoned for protecting and defending themselves, their rights, and those of other women or their families, Ascención will create a space for activism, healing, and embracing a destiny of liberation.

November/ December 2019– Almazan facilitates as a guest artist at (Rikers Island), East River Academy.

December 18th, 2019  –  La Paloma Prisoner staged reading tour to Incarceration Facilities (Rikers Island) in New York City, directed by Estefania Fadul.


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